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The Trip Has Started!

I am sitting in the RV which in parked in an RV Resort (yes resort?!) just near the Redwood Forrest in California. This is a really quick summary of what we have been up to since we left camp.

  • **Just so you know – the weird names I will mention are camp nicknames of the camp counsellors from Gold Arrow Camp!

We left camp after 3 months of working and headed for Yosemite National Park with Sensei. We didn’t quite make it the whole way so found a campground and stayed the night. The next day we woke up early and made it to Yosemite at about 9 am, we got so lucky as we got a campsite when the rest of the park was full (Labour Day Weekend!). Then we went for a hike to a place called Dewey’s Point – we could see the whole of Yosemite and we were looking straight at El Capitan – one of the biggest rock climbs! It was amazing! After the hike we went back to the campsite and cooked beans for dinner! Mmm!



The plan the next day was to drive to the other side of Yosemite and camp there but we found nothing on our drive so decided to keep going and see if we could make it to Las Vegas by night time! We got to Vegas around dinner time and stayed the night on the old strip.



In the morning we checked into the MGM Grand which was amazing and spent the day walking around the strip of Vegas – we went into all the casinos – it was amazing that we got free drinks as long as we were gambling! Sitting on a 1cent machine drinking free booze! Excellent! That night we had a buffet dinner which was awesome and went to see the water fountains at the Bellagio.





7th September
We picked up the RV! I was so nervous while we were driving to the place – I thought something was going to go wrong like they didn’t have a van for us or they would give us a really old one! But everything was fine! The van is brand new and amazing! Our first stop was Walmart to get groceries and we got a little excited in the toy isle where we could buy BB guns!!! So we bought a twin pack! Then we drove to LA. 5 hours later we found an RV park just outside of LA and cooked our first RV dinner – chicken snitzel and potatoes! MMM! It was so nice to cook our own food!

Flynn Dinner

Flynn Dinner

Emma Dinner

Emma Dinner

That night we met a German couple who were ending their trip the next day and needed to get rid of some stuff – we got a toaster, lemonade, water, sugar, butter, nutella and more! Was so good!

The next morning we picked up Yorkie and Flik in LA and then headed to Isla Vista (Santa Barbara). We parked in the parking lot of a taco restaurant and they said we could stay the night there! We spent the night with Picaflor playing board games – one called Pukes and Staggers! It was a good night and ended in late night tacos before walking 20 meters to our van!

We had bagels for breakfast in the morning (very American!) and then drove to San Luis Obisbo (SLO). We caught up with Freebird and Rooster at Roosters college apartment where we cooked dinner and then drove the RV to Poncho’s house where Elcap was hanging. He was nice enough to let us park in his backyard for the night so we partied at the house all night! The next day we went out for an amazing breakfast and then jumped back in the RV and drove to San Francisco.

In San Francisco we parked near a college and went to Quailmans apartment where we met Croakie, Oz, Loona and Hawks! We spent the night bar hoping and found a guy who had a stereo strapped to his back walking along the streets. He was stopping outside different bars and holding street dance parties! We busted out the Footloose dance we all learnt at camp and they were amazed! Then we put on Beyonce’s ‘Move Your Body’ and flash mobbed San Fran! It was amazing! We stopped outside a club that was packed – there were about 8 people filming us! We are hoping we will be on youtube soon! Keep an eye out!

In the morning we all hired bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge! It was so amazing! After that we drove to Dimples house and spent the night chilling in the RV outside her house!

Now we are in Arcata, California which is just near the Redwood Forrest – we are going exploring tomorrow!

We are having an amazing time! Driving around in the RV is so fun and so far everyone has been so friendly and accommodating to us! Cannot wait for it to continue!

Love you all xx

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Its decided

sunny 27 °C

The RV has been BOOKED and so the adventure is offcially ON!

After looking at so many (feels like hundreds) of quotes, changing our minds 16 times and getting stressed that availability is running seriously low - we have finally booked an RV.

We do have to pick it up in Las Vegas instead of somewhere in California as there were none left where we wanted them, but we ended up getting an awesome deal on a sweet vehicle!

23ft brand spanking new motorhome for the two of us!

Its on like Donkey Kong!



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The Perfect Motorhome

What do you think?!

What makes the perfect motorhome? What do you look for? What features are must have?

Considering we will be living and traveling in the chosen vehicle for 3 months, I think it has to have a homely feel, be warm and comfortable as well as have a great look to it.

It should be easy to drive - not too long or wide for those narrow streets and tight car parks.

And of course, it should be easily accessible make the driver look like a motorhome professional.

Here is my ideal motorhome for today, do you agree?



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Planning Time!

Planning has started!

In the process of finding the best deals on RV hire (without resorting to a 35 year old rusty van!) and mapping out possible routes!

Considering Google Maps estimates my first route at around 15,000kms (9300miles) which (according to Google) takes about 8 days, it seems as though we will be making it back to our starting point in no time!

After looking at travel stories and blogs of other road trippers and drivers to be, it seems this is a little ambitious but I am still thinking we will give it a go anyway! Thats the great thing about having a return ticket that can easily be changed!

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